By Bob Gowans
Jul 19, 2014

Our Stake Encampment at the Beaver High Adventure Base

DSCN3183As a Bishopric we are constantly looking for opportunities to provide spiritually uplifting and edifying opportunities for our youth.

A couple of years ago our Stake attended the Beaver High Adventure Base.  Each day during our time at camp the Stake Young Men’s Presidency provided a well-planned fireside for all our attending wards.  Each was well done however there was one that had a greater impact on our boys than the others.

One evening the discussion lead by the Stake was very inspirational and about the time they were campfirereaching the highest point the President ended the discussion and challenged each ward to go back to their own camp sites and finish the discussion among themselves.  Following those directions, we returned to our campsite where the boys sat around the camp table while us three leaders sat in the background in our comfy camp chairs and just listened.  For the next hour we were blessed to hear the greatest gospel discussion among a group of young men that I have ever heard.  Under the leadership of the two oldest boys, our two Priests Quorum Assistants, they discussed the gospel and bore testimony for well over an hour.

I will never forget the strength of the spirit that was there that night.  We were all greatly blessed for our attendance there in the mountains at the Beaver High Adventure Base that night.

Bob Gowans
Author: Bob Gowans | Director of Camping, Utah National Parks Council and Bishop, La Verkin 6th Ward

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