By Aubrey Carpenter
Jan 08, 2016

Most Popular Articles of 2015

2015 was an exciting year for The Boy Scout. We had more subscribers, more views, more comments, and more shares than ever before. We loved sharing stories and learning from you last year, and hope 2016 will bring more inspiration, helpful tips, teaching tools, and insights for all of us. We want to take a moment to look back at what happened on The Boy Scout last year with the most popular posts.

10 Most Read Posts of 2015

1. The REAL Problem with Scouting in the LDS ChurchMatt Greenfield

Mat Greenfield has been heavily involved in LDS Scouting for about fifteen years now. He’s served at the unit, district, council, and national level. At this point, he’s ready to make a full declaration of what’s wrong with Scouting in the LDS Church: we don’t implement the full program.

2. Elder Holland Asked Us All to Pray for jeffrey-r-holland-largeBSA

Elder Holland shares an excellent Scouter’s minute about a young soldier who recited the Scout Law to another soldier who sought peace during a gun fight. The recitation worked and the soldier was comforted. Elder Holland then challenges all to pray for BSA and LDS Leaders.

3. Utah BSA Councils’ Statement On Support of Chartered Partners

logoThe Utah National Parks Council, Great Salt Lake Council and Trapper Trails Council remain committed to serving youth and community partners. We will move forward in full support of the Church’s decisions while continuing to “prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law.”

4. LDS Cub Scouts CAN go camping!

Bear NecessitiesA Cub Scout age boy CAN go camping, just not with his den or pack, like would be done in Cub Scout packs not sponsored by the LDS church. The“Green Scouting Handbook”, (page 4 section 6.1) states “No Scout-sponsored overnight camping should be planned for boys under age 11.” They can camp with family, at a ward campout or even attend a “Father’s and Son’s” camping trip.

5. How to Help Youth Want to Wear the Scout Uniform: 24 Ideas

Wearing a uniform gives youth and adultcubscout_uniforms members a sense of identification. The Scout uniform is a reminder of the member’s commitment to character development, citizenship training, and personal fitness. Awards displayed on the uniform mark the progress of every Scout and leader in achieving these goals and successfully practicing Scouting’s ideals.

6. Introducing the Liahona Compass Awardliahona feature

Scouts have the opportunity to earn the Liahona Compass Award at summer Scout camp this year and in 2016. Recalling the “round ball of curious workmanship” given to Lehi and his family by God to direct them in the wilderness, the Liahona Compass Award directs Scouts to ponder on the decisions they make today that will affect their future.

7. 5 reasons why the BSA adult leadership standard resolution is right for Scouting

When the Boy Scouts of America ExecutiveRockwell Tomorrows Leader feature Committee unanimously adopted a resolution amending the adult leadership standards policy, Mel Gardner had cause to ponder on the consistency of this decision with Scouting’s long-standing standards and values. After careful thought she found five reasons why this resolution is right for Scouting.

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 9.09.17 PM8. Cub Scouting and Faith in God

How do the changes in Cub Scouting this year fit in with the LDS Faith in God Program? The new adventures will help a boy earn his Faith in God. What that means is that you will no longer need to plan separate Faith in God Den Meetings.

9. Things Are a Changin’—Transitioning to the 2016 Boy Scout Requirements
Scout Rank Feature

Have you heard about the new 2016 Boy Scout Requirements? The Scout is now a rank with new requirements. There are also requirement changes for Tenderfoot Rank, Second Class Rank, First Class Rank, Star Rank, Life Rank, Eagle Rank, and Eagle Palms. Please take time to read them and develop your Scouting program around the changes.

10. Budget Concerns Necessitate Changes in Scout Office Hours

The Utah National Parks Council is the larges council in the BSA with over 84,000 youth and 42,000 adult volunteersThis autumn’s Friends of Scouting campaign has fallen short. With these financial challenges there must be a significant reduction in our spending. We are sad that this requires us to lose some of our valuable employees, each one of whom has become a part of our family here. We will also have to reduce the service hours in all of our offices.

10 Editors Picks of 2015

These next ten articles were also among the most-read articles last year, and were some of our favorites:

1. To Friends of Scouting in the Utah National Parks CouncilBrought to you by FOS

Elder Dane Leavitt shares his observations on Friends of Scouting and finances in the Utah National Parks Council, BSA. His thoughtful, in-depth review of the Friends of Scouting campaign and its processes helped donors understand exactly what their funds are used for in the Council.

2. Boy Scout Troop Completes 250 Mile Temple Trek, Gives $3300 Donation to LDS Charities

Troop 974 featureBoy Scouts of America Troop 974 marched into downtown Salt Lake City Wednesday completing their 250 mile trek to temples across the Wasatch front. We were inspired by these dedicated Scouts and the spiritual lessons they learned as they hiked, held devotionals, and overcame obstacles.

3. Thoughts on the LDS-BSA Relationship – “Think in Terms of What You Have to Give”flower gift feature

Recently, many have questioned what the LDS church can gain from the BSA. Lee Ferrin asks us to think instead in terms of what we have to give. Lee’s article reminds us all to seek opportunities to serve.

4. Be Prepared to Do Our Duty: Must We Choose Between our God and our Country?

If we are prepared with a strong testimony of Christ by doing our duty to God and our country, we will always be able to sleep through the storm. We loved David’s message that as long as we are prepared and serving our fellow men, we can whether the storm as a community.

5. Utah National Parks Council Grateful for the Trust Placed in ScoutingFleur De Lis

We are grateful for the trust placed in the Scouting program by the LDS Church to help serve and build up their young men. In light of this trust, the UNPC is always striving to improve service to the LDS units and chartered partners.

6. Scout Camp Adventure Tracks Unveiled!

Climbing WallThe unveiling of exciting new adventure tracks at Tifie Scout Camp, Scofield Scout Camp, and Thunder Ridge Scout Camp. We have loved reporting on the success of the adventure tracks and can’t wait to see where they go in the coming years.

7. Be Prepared to Go on a Mission and Teach Others—A Mission President’s Insights for ScoutsMarines

A Mission President shares his Insights on one of our Pillars of working with LDS leaders in Scouting: “Be Prepared to Go on a Mission and Teach Others.” Scouting is a great missionary preparation tool, and this article shows you how.

8. Strengthen Your Troop, Strengthen Your Deacons Quorum

Scout TroopHow to use Scouting and LDS resources to strengthen your troop and Deacons Quorum. We have focused on the partnership between Scouting and Sunday meetings and principles. We hope this article and others like it will help you see how Scouting can help you build your young men into men of God.

9. The Chartered Partner, an LDS Inventionfeature chruch building

A short history of BSA’s Chartered Partner relations with other organizations and how they shaped BSA’s delivery system. Did you know the LDS church has been an integral part of Scouting and how it has evolved?

10. Beyond the Eagle—Varsity Scout Awards

varsityscoutldrhdbk3A list and explanation of the Varsity Scout Awards and requirements youth can earn along with their leaders. Using the Varsity and Venturing programs will make a huge difference for your youth. See how to start doing that here.

10 Honorable Mentions

These are the ten most read posts not published in 2015:

  1. Learning for Life Explorer Program Prepares Teens for Police Work
  2. Limited edition commemoration medallion
  3. Boy Scouts of America Utah National Parks Council Statement on Goblin Valley Incident
  4. Eagle Scouts and The Scout Oath Still Mean Something
  5. Thomas S. Monson Award
  6. LDS Church President Featured in Boy Scout Painting
  7. The Oak Ridge Boys: Checkout the Boy Scouts Jingle
  8. Scouts and their families enjoy BYU Football Scout Day
  9. But Mom, why should I wear that dumb Scout uniform?
  10. 29 Rules You Must Know and Obey at Scout Camp



Author: Aubrey Carpenter | Marketing Assistant, Utah National Parks Council

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