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Oct 28, 2015

Tu Cubin Noonie Lodge Service Project a big Success!!!!!

On Friday night, September 25, our lodge had its annual Vigil Reunion Banquet in Oak City.  A nice crowd of about 30 Vigils showed up for thDSCN8029e occasion.  Much good talk and many stories were shared by those in attendance.  A big thanks to all who helped in any way to put this banquet on. The Food was great and everyone had a fantastic time.

Along with the Vigil Reunion the Lodge also had an ordeal ceremony, 21 ordeal candidates were present along with 2 brotherhood and 1 Vigil candidate. Spenser Bailey along with Juan Lopez led the way with planning and carrying out the ordeal and activities, including a service project.

DSCN8012The service project was tree planting on a US Forrest area burned by fires two years ago.  The Forrest Service had over 200 volunteers from the surrounding area.  Our lodge provided close to 50 of those 200 volunteers.

Scouts and Scouters planted over 800 of the approximately 5,000 trees planted that day.  Many people were impressed with the enthusiasm and the hard work done by our Scouts and leaders.

DSCN7989According to Juan Lopez it was the main topic of conversation at the local church the next day.  The scout leaders themselves said this was a project that really made a difference to the local community and a good model to follow for future service projects we do with the Order of the Arrow.

The brotherhood ceremony, the pre-ordeal, and then the ordeal ceremony on Saturday afternoon were very well done.  The ceremony team did a great job and made a great impression on all of the scouts participating.  A big thanks to all who were involved in this project, especially to all of those ordeal and brotherhood candidates that worked so hard and gave so much to make this event a huge success.  The day ended with a tasty feast at the Community Center in Oak City.  Everyone went home with full belly and a good idea of what the Order of the Arrow is all about.

Michael Keller


Author: Michael Keller | Tu Cubin Noonie Lodge, Order of the Arrow Advisor

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