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Feb 06, 2015

Venturing Program Changes Frequently Asked Questions

In an effort to address declining membership, confusion about awards, and a need for increased support in every level of Scouting, the Boy Scouts of America introduced some changes to the Venturing program in 2014. These Venturing Marketingincluded adopting the Scout Oath and Scout Law, a new core Venturing program and recognition, new resources, enhanced youth training, and split advisor vs. committee training. Since the implementation of these changes, people have had lots of questions. Here are the new questions that have come up this month and the answers to them. For other Frequently Asked Questions, check out the full list here.

Q: Are there plans to reprint the handbooks due to misprints?
A: At this time, there are no plans for a reprint. The next print will reflect the changes. However, all online publications have been corrected.

Q: How do we note the Project Management Training change on the Summit Award application?
A: A new version of the Summit Award Application will be available on February 9, 2015.

Q: Is it true that Project ManagementTraining is not required for the Pathfinder Award until June 1st, 2015?
A: Yes. Venturers working towards the Venturing Pathfinder Award will not have to complete the Project Management Training as stated in requirement 2. The Project Management Training will be reinstated as a requirement for the Venturing Pathfinder Award in June , 2015. Eventually will find this training along with Mentoring, Venturing Goal Setting and Time Management Training Modules at, but for now click Project Management for a a pdf copy or here for Project_Management_Slides

Venturing Leadership Award

Council Venturing Leadership Award

Q: When will the new Council Standards of Venturing Excellence form be available?
A: it is available now hereCSVEAward.Q: What is the quota for adult Venturing Leadership Awards in 2015 (for work completed in 2014)? 

A: Each council may award 2 Venturing Leadership Awards for the first 50 crews in the council. The council may award an additional Venturing Leadership Award for each additional 25 (or fraction thereof) crew in the council. For example, a council with: 1 crew —> 2 VLAs 50 crews —> 2 VLAs 51 crews —> 3 VLAs 79 crews —> 4 VLAs The number of adult Venturing Leadership Awards should not exceed the number of youth Venturing Leadership Awards presented. The number of Venturing Leadership Awards able to be presented is a total number (i.e. For 50 crews in a council, 2 VLAs may be presented total—not 2 for youth and 2 for adults).

Venturers in a canoeQ: After March 1st, what will the new rules be regarding fraternization? For example, right now a 19 year old and a 22 year old in Venturing should not be in a relationship. After March 1st, can a 19 year old and a 22 year old date? What about an 18 year old and a 17 year old?
A: The policy will not change. The roles of volunteer adult leaders in the Venturing program require that clear boundaries be established between adult leaders and youth members. For this reason, fraternization— the formation of peer-based, social relationships between adult and youth members—is not s permitted. This prohibition extends to Venturing crew members who register as adults after their twenty-first birthday.

Q: From what I understand, the Venturing participants 18-20 years need to use the adult form to register and have completed Youth Protection training. How are they supposed to annotate the form to ensure they are registered with the crew as a participant? There is no Unit Position Code to reflect Venturing Participant. We have started to talk about rechartering and need to know what is expected with this group. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

A: The registration and rechartering process is evolving. Here are some guidelines for the next few months. For current Venturers: recharter as always, since they remain participants For new Venturers (any age): register as always, using a youth/participant application form, since they are program participants. In either case: no position code is needed since they are not leaders in the unit – they are participants.
Looking ahead: Starting March 1st, 2015, use the following matrix to guide you in rechartering Venturers and Advisors.

Q: How can we apply previous Venturing experiences to the new Summit award recognition system?
Venturing_Award_Designs (5)
A: The new Venturing award requirements were designed to reflect what Venturers of successful crews do. If you are a member of an active, adventurous crew, you might notice that you have already completed many of the requirements for the Discovery, Pathfinder, and Summit Awards. If a registered Venturer met the requirement, as written, he or she may apply it toward the Summit Award system. Here are the requirements that are open to past credit if these requirements were completed as a Venturer prior to June 1, 2014:
Discovery: A Venturer may receive credit for requirements 1 – 3, 5 – 6.
Pathfinder: A Venturer may receive credit for requirements 1, 3-6, and 8. The “Since earning the Discovery Award” portion of requirements 3 and 4a will be waived for Venturers who completed these requirements prior to June 1, 2014.
Summit: A Venturer may receive credit for requirements 1 and 4. The “Since earning the Pathfinder Award” portion of requirement 4a will be waived for Venturers who completed these requirements prior to June 1, 2014. All other requirements must be complete after June 1, 2014.

Q: Will adult/youth age requirements change within Boy Scout Troops? For example, a 19 year old is an adult leader in a troop and counts for 2 deep leadership. Will this change after March 1st?
A: Two deep leadership in a Boy Scout Troop will not change. An 18 year old Venturer who fills out an adult applications for the Crew will not be permitted to serve as a leader for two deep leadership.

VenturingQ: With the new age requirements, will adult participants be counted as youth or adults at high adventure bases?
A: Since adult participants are still participants in the Venturing program, they will still be counted as youth at high adventure bases.

Q: For co-ed leadership: If you have only boys under 18 and female 18-21 year olds, will two 21+ males be sufficient adult leadership since the females are adult participants? Since the adult participants have had youth protection, is it necessary to have 2 adult females with youth protection protecting the adult participants who have also had youth protection? Since the 2 adult males are present, there is adequate leadership, except in gender.
A: The leadership requirements have not changed even though 18-20 year old Venturers have to fill out an adult application. So you will still have to have a female leader in the scenario.

teen in carQ: For driving in general (not one on one), after March 1st, can an adult participant drive youth? Can adults drive adult participants without parental consent? Since adult participants will register as adults (thus, not needing a parent/guardian signature), do they need parental consent to be driven by an adult?
A: Nothing has really changed here. Youth riding with 18-20 year olds should have their parents consent and should follow all YPT guidelines. Its recommended that 18-20 year olds at least let their parent know that they are participating in an activity which they will be riding with an adult advisor. They don’t have to have a signed consent form unless the crew wants all participants to have one.

Q: Who is the “designated Venturer representative” listed in the Summit Award workbook?
A: The Venturer should be a youth from the candidate’s crew and should be selected from the following list: ~ A current holder of the Summit Award or Silver Award ~ A member of the council, area, or region Venturing Officers’ Association or equivalent ~ A Venturer who currently holds an elected office in a crew ~ An Eagle Scout, Quartermaster, or Girl Scout Gold award recipient who is an active Venturer In the event that no Venturer is available who meets one of these qualifications, the Crew President may nominate another Venturer from the candidate’s crew.

Q: With the age changes, will Youth Protection Training change at all?
A: Youth Protection Training is being evaluated. More details will be coming soon.

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