Venturing Leader Specific Training
By Darryl Alder
Feb 26, 2016

Venturing Leader Specific Training Part 7: Summary and Wrap-up

Venturing Activity CoverYou can read other parts of this blog series here:

What sets Venturing apart from other youth adventure programs or clubs is that it is plan and operated by its youth with the help of adult volunteers like you. Further, your crew is part of a much larger organization, the Boy Scouts of America, led by more volunteers and supported by a staff of professional Scouters.

Your crew committee is an important and valuable resource for you and your youth leaders. Successful Venturing committees provide support to the Venturers who are planning and executing program. In many LDS wards, the Bishop serves as chairman of that Committee. That way he remains the president of the Aaronic Priesthood for all activities, as well as for Sunday meetings.

venturing men in uniformFor those with previous Scouting committee experience, the role of the committee may differ in execution but not in broad principles. Though the committee’s role differs, it does not change the need for a strong Venturing committee and this regardless of the size of the crew. In any case, be sure your committee members attend the Crew Committee Challenge course, which is specific training for them (check back in a week for that blog series over the next few weeks)

The question now is how do you feel about your assignment to serve as a Venturing Crew Advisor?


In addition to what the council provides online and at the service center, the BSA provides resources to help you with more online training at and at: There are also written materials at the Scout Shop you will find quite helpful .

We hope this series has given you a push in the right direction, but if you need more help, consider these resources:

  • Our council and your district are there to promote Scouting and provide program, training, and resources to help guarantee your success. This training course is only one example. You will find other training opportunities for Advisors such as District Forum (roundtable), Northstar/Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills. Kodiak and Powder Horn. These will be promoted at forums and at
  • You’ll need to complete the Venturing version of Youth Protection training as soon as possible, if have not already done so. This course is in addition to youth protection training.
  • Also the National Council website offers help at:, and
  • imagesYour Stake’s Young Men’s Presidency has assigned a commissioner to your ward. Use him. Also the District Commissioner provides a monthly Venturing Forum during Roundtable, that you will find useful. Trained Advisor, Venturing leader specific trainingCommissioners like these can give direct coaching and consultation to you and your committee as needed.

Congratulations, you have completed the Venturing Leader-specific Training and are entitled to wear the “Trained” Venturing patch below your Advisor patch. Please contact your District staff to report your completion; tell them to use code: P21 to be entered into your training record. Crew Advisors who complete this training and the Venturing version of Youth Protection training are considered “trained.”

Take a moment to reflect on this seventh and final session of training and comment in the section below my picture.

Others in this training series include:

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