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May 01, 2015

Venturing Summit Award Service Project Workbook Released

Summit Service Project WorkbookRequirement 8 for the new Venturing Summit Award instructs candidates to plan and conduct a service project as described in the Venturing Summit Award Service Project Workbook, No. 512-938. The workbook, posted at, is ready for use, and provides the additional detail candidates must understand to fulfill the requirement.

Before work on a project begins, a project proposal must be approved by the project beneficiary, the Venturer’s crew Advisor, and another Venturer designated by crew leadership. The proposal is one of three sections or “forms” in the workbook. The others include a fundraising application and a project report. The proposal and the report are important to every Summit Award project. The fundraising application is required under certain circumstances.

The workbook also includes a message from Chief Scout Executive Wayne Brock, instructions for preparing the proposal and planning the project, an explanation of when the fundraising application must be completed, and a list of project restrictions and other considerations, such as ensuring safety.

A Venturing Summit Award service project must provide a valuable service that meets a need, and it must represent a significant personal growth experience through some combination of its scope and complexity, leadership of others, or a connection to a future personal goal related to the Venturer’s education, career, or other interest. However, the impact of the service involved in a project—the extent to which a project makes a meaningful difference—is the most important consideration.

In determining if a project is acceptable; the following four focus areas are considered:

  • Service—A valuable action, deed, or effort carried out to meet a need
  • Scope and complexity—The scale of the project; the level of effort and planning involved
  • Leadership—Leading others toward a shared vision
  • Personal goal connection—Making the most of the experience, including what is important to the Venturer.

Summit-Award-medalAll four focus areas are considered together. Every Summit Award project must provide a service, but no particular level of scope or complexity is required. The crew Advisor and a designated crew member must agree that your project fulfills what the workbook describes as required. The other two focus areas, leadership and personal goal connection, are not absolutely required, but will add great value and depth to a project. While they are optional, one or the other, or both, may help to compensate for a project that requires little in terms of planning and execution. Leadership of others and a personal goal connection may also be important to Venturers who wish to provide a project report to a prospective employer or college admissions board

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Author:  Boy Scouts of America | Advancement News January/February 2015

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